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Downtown Crested Butte

Crested Butte draws people because it is friendly, beautiful, fun-spirited, and surprisingly sophisticated for such a small town. Those same qualities define Crested Butte's downtown lodging. Each of our accommodations is unique, but they all reflect the inviting character of our hometown.

Here we're fortunate to have two distinct worlds -- a great ski mountain with contemporary amenities in Mt. Crested Butte, just three miles away from the charming, historic Victorian downtown of Crested Butte. Many people prefer to stay in Downtown Crested Butte, renowned for its fine dining, live entertainment and romantic ambiance.

When you stay in downtown Crested Butte, you can take a vacation from your automobile... and your cares. Stroll beneath antique streetlights to your favorite shops, galleries, eateries or trailheads. Hop the complimentary shuttle for a ten-minute ride to the slopes. Celebrate each day's adventures not in some generic chain hotel room, but in a charming home-away-from-home that makes you feel as good as Crested Butte does.

Crested Butte Heritage Museum/Crested Butte Klunkers

What is the Crested Butte Mtn. Heritage Museum all about?
People used to hang out at Tony's Conoco, and to this day, you'll always see people occupying our front benches in good weather.  When you visit Crested Butte, you're likely to see photos of our revered "old-timers" hanging out with the the next generation of locals.  That said, our largest exhibit is our historic building.  Tony’s, or "The Hardware," closed in 1996 and was the longest running store in Crested Butte, beginning as a blacksmith shop in 1883 and later becoming a garage and hardware store. All items in the front portion of the Museum are the exact items that were for sale throughout the years of Tony’s Conoco, serving as a memorial to a beloved local hang out.  Don't mind the's vintage too!

Our exhibits are always evolving and capturing forgotten pieces of local history, even though the themes remain the same.  Each season when you visit, you'll see new items in every exhibit.  We like to keep things fresh and pride ourselves for being a trusted repository for material culture.

Click here to find out what the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is About ?
The MBHOF is located in downtown Crested Butte at 331 Elk Avenue within the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. Our biking museum houses items of memorabilia, including vintage bikes, components, classic photos, press clippings and highlights from historic races and events.
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